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All Classes and Tuitions Neo Welfare Society International School Preschool
Neo 2022 වසර ගෙවුන හැටි
අපගේ පෙරපාසල්, 1, 2 හා 3 ශ්‍රේණිවල දරුවන් පාසලේදී හා zoom මගින් නිවසේදී කල අත්කම්,...
NEO - අවුරුදු චාරිත්‍ර වලින් පසු හැකියාවන් ඉදිරිපත් කරමින් විනෝද වීම.
NEO International School හා NEO Pre School සිසුන්ගේ වෙසක් සැරසිලි හා නිර්මාණ.
Covid 19 හේතුවෙන් 2020 වසරේදී පෙර පාසල් සිසුන් හට ඉතා සීමිත දින ගණනක් පෙර පාසලට...


Proper education and learning methods for every student.


Learning with activities and fun is the way of keeping attention.


Stay up to date with the latest knowledge is a must.


It’s the base of our education and always will be.


: No 296-B, Hospital Road, Galaha, Kandy. 20420
: 081-2467560
: 077-6527234


NEO Educational Institute is consists of three main domains, NEO International School, NEO Preschool and Private Tuition Services.

We mainly focus on the natural curiosity and the development of your children from play grade to Ordinary Level with all the subjects according to the National Educational Process and all the subject related and extra curricular activities.


NEO Educations… Dedicated for Excellence.