NEO International School & Preschool

NEO International School and NEO Preschool is a well recognized and the most trusted educational institute located in Galaha. Started in 1985 as a small group class fro a handful of students, NEO Educational Institute has come a long way. Today it consists of three main pillars, NEO International School from Grade 01 to Grade 11, NEO Preschool, an award winning preschool in the central province and NEO Educational Institute for Classes and Tuitians.

We highly value the education as a process full of activities and we always embraced it ever since. It’s a humble preventable to present hundreds and thousands of well educated, well reputed and successful people all around the Island as well as all over the world with the roots of NEO Educational Institute.

Our Gallery  

අපගේ දැක්ම

අනාගත අභියෝගයන්ට සාර්ථකව මුහුණ දිය හැකි,ගුණ නැණින්යුතු නිර්මාණශීලී දරුවකු සමාජයට දායාද කිරීම.

අපගේ මෙහෙවර

ළමා මනස සියුම්ව වටහා ගනිමින් දෑ හැගුමින් ඔපවත්වූ දැණුම ආකල්ප කුසලතාවය මෙන්ම මනා පෞරුෂයෙන් හෙබි ගුණ ගරුක දරු පිරිසක් විධිමත් අධ්‍යාපනයට යොමු කිරීම.

Our History

Started as a small Tuition Class


  • Started in early 1985 as a small group class for o/l students by the former Principal Mr. Piyadasa Rathnayake teaching mathematics and science by the request of the village elders.


  • Classes were extended from grade 5 scholarship classes to GCE O/L Mathematics, Science and English group and individual classes.

NEO Preschool


  • NEO Preschool was started by Mrs. Suvineetha, a well known preschool teacher with 11 students.


  • Mrs. Sujani Rathninda became the head of the Preschool and continued the development till now.

NEO Preschool Awarded


  • NEO Preschool was awarded the 3rd place in Kandy District for the Best 5S and Efficiency within Preschools.
  • It was a win not only for our institute but also for the parents, teachers and all the loving people who helped for our success.
  • There were 120 students and 6 teachers were on NEO Preschool when the award was given.

NEO International School


  • NEO International School was started with 15 Students in a brand new NEO International School Building.
  • Teaching in all three languages, government and improved private syllables, extra curricular activities, social, cultural and religious activities NEO International School in on it’s way towards the huge change in education within the region.